Lisa Whittleton

Co-founder and Facilitator

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Lisa is a passionate and engaging trainer specialising in mental wellbeing and resilience at work. Based in Kenilworth, Lisa set up Illuminate in 2013 and supports local businesses, schools and national organisations to start the conversation around mental health to keep staff, and children happy, healthy and positive.

Lisa has seen the difficulties faced by organisations and teaching staff when there is a lack of awareness and confidence around managing mental wellbeing. Teaching staff are under increased pressure and Lisa is on a mission to enhance self-awareness and resilience and empower individuals to take a proactive rather than reactive approach to talking about mental health.

Lisa is an accredited Mental Health First Aid instructor and Youth Mental Health First Aider.

“I have had an interest in mental health and psychology since long before University, quite possibly shaped by personal experiences growing up with close family / friends affected by mental ill health. Although awareness is increasing, there is still a stigma surrounding mental health and disability and I am passionate about sharing best practice in how to effectively support others. Collaborating with Emma on One Change has been fantastic as not only have I learned so much from her experience in schools both in the UK and abroad, but I have finally found someone who shares the same passion and drive to make positive changes in the area of mental health within schools/the community. It’s a perfect fit!”

Emma is passionate about ‘growth’ and working towards your ‘best version’.

Her engaging communication style and infectious positivity allows her to connect with all. Working internationally has given Emma a unique insight into educational and parenting landscapes.

Emma Alford has over 20 years teaching and leadership experience in Primary and Secondary schools in the UK and Australia. Early in her career, Emma recognised the importance of children developing a set of skills and attributes to enable continual growth and engagement with their own learning journey. Inspired by her experiences, Emma worked to remove ‘barriers’ to growth, enabling children to take ownership of their own learning and inspiring them to want to reach their true potential. Emma’s initiative Leadership Explored has been delivered to over 150 schools. It is based on four pillars: Resilience, Growth Mindset, Awareness and Communication. Emma has also worked with corporate teams for 10 years as a team coach, and inspires and develops teams to work towards their ‘best version’.

Emma is an executive coach and an Adult and Youth Mental Health First Aider.

“In consultation with headteachers, one of their biggest concerns are the pressures affecting their students and staff and the resulting levels of anxiety and stress. Increasingly these concerns and challenges are having an impact on our schools and workplaces, as there is still a reluctance to discuss for fear of judgement. I really felt a greater focus on mental health and well being was required alongside my work at Leadership Explored to make a change and start the conversation.

I am passionate about building resilience and finding a positive approach moving forward. In meeting Lisa our shared passion connected us and we created One Change. This initiative provides a proactive whole school approach working with children, staff and parents in partnership.”

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